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We at Canna Law Group are experienced business lawyers and civil litigators focused on the complicated language of amended RCW 69.51A, “Medical Cannabis,” and Initiative 502 (I-502). We will incorporate your cannabis business and also help you navigate the ever-changing state and local cannabis laws so you can provide either patient-related services through your collective garden access point or I-502 cannabis retailing, growing, testing, or processing to adults 21 and older. We have also been (and will continue to be) on the front lines in Olympia as the Liquor Control Board (LCB) develops licensing rules and regulations for cannabis selling, growing, and processing. And, on a national level, we’ve been members of the National Cannabis Industry Association since 2012.

I-502 is a new frontier for the cannabis industry in Washington state. Canna Law Group is well-equipped and uniquely positioned to help its clientele obtain I-502 licensing from the LCB. Additionally, because Canna Law Group has represented hundreds of cannabis clients, including leading Washington state cannabis businesses, we have developed lasting relationships with realtors, certified public accountants, insurance brokers, security companies, and software inventory tracking entities that we can quickly turn to to assist as necessary during the complicated and extensive I-502 licensing application process. For medical cannabis, our unique contract-based system will help keep your non-profit medical cannabis cooperative operating within the bounds of Washington State law. We provide you with the forms and contracts needed for the daily business transactions between the cooperative and its patients, growers, and vendors.

Our firm also offers detailed and sophisticated Non-Disclosure Agreements to cannabis businesses that wish to keep their trade secrets, business methods, and growing techniques confidential. And we can help you with your intellectual property, too, whether it is for medical or recreational cannabis. Developing and protecting your brand is equally as important as protecting your business.

Above all, whether it concerns I-502 or medical cannabis, we ultimately work to allow you to realize your rights as a cannabis business, grower, vendor, or testing facility.

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