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I've seen it happen already. The DC Medical Marijuana Program is just underway, but I've already seen some hopeful operators go by the wayside and lose their investment because of a small, seemingly inconsequential mistake. Do not make the same mistake they did by trying to go it alone. There is too much on the line. Anyhow, DC has the most stringent and tightly regulated program in the country and it's very different from other states. So bring in someone who knows which way the wind blows.

The Law Office of Jason Klein, PLLC, is the only law firm in the District dedicated exclusively to protecting the rights of business, patients, and professionals operating under the medical marijuana program. Whatever your case, call the Law Office of Jason Klein to get straightforward answers to your questions today.

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DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that possessing, using, distributing & selling marijuana are all federal crimes and the articles, pages, links, or any other information on this site are NOT intended to assist you in violating federal law nor will they in any way assist you in complying with federal law.
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